Sponsor Testimonials


Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is a Corporate sponsor with the local dealership located in Poway. 

"Wow!!! It seems like just last week we were setting up for the 2016 Poway Rodeo. But apparently it has already been almost a year and here comes Poway Rodeo 2017! As a major sponsor of the rodeo for past three years, Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has really enjoyed being involved each year. I feel like we have made a whole new set of friends, since teaming up with the Poway Rodeo Committee.
The event it’s self if super fun and the entertainment is exciting and very family friendly, for all ages! My family, including three adult Daughters and nine Grandkids, look forward to rodeo time every year!
Each year Poway Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has received great exposure for our Ram Trucks while displayed on the rodeo grounds. Throughout the year we have several customers ask us if we are going to be sponsoring the rodeo again this year. We are proud to say “Yes we are, see ya’ there!”

I would highly recommend attending and becoming involved in the Poway Rodeo! I’m certain you will find the same values and benefits that our company has experienced, each year we have been involved!
We hope to see you there! "

Marty Harris , General Manager

Boot Barn is a Corporate sponsor who from the humble beginnings of a family run storefront, to over 200 stores in 30 states epitomizes the American dream of hard work, honesty and value.

For more than 35 years, Boot Barn has supported local events throughout the West because we believe it’s the best way to honor the communities where we do business.  Through the hundreds of western lifestyle events we sponsor each year, Poway Rodeo continues to provide the utmost professionalism and superior rodeo entertainment therefore earning their slogan “A brand above the rest”. It’s our honor and privilege to affiliate the Boot Barn name with the annual Poway Rodeo.

Dave Pike is a Poway resident and owner of  Wow Auto Care, a family owned and operated business delivering honest & professional automotive repair & maintenance services in Poway.

"We’ve been sponsoring the Poway Rodeo since we first opened our business.  As a local, family owned and operated business, we like sponsoring and donating within our community, and what is more Poway than the Rodeo! Our sponsorship level has grown each year and the investment really pays off.  We love hearing from our friends and customers about how they went to the Rodeo and kept hearing our name and seeing our logo. I definitely recommend rodeo sponsorship for other businesses.  Nancy really goes above and beyond and makes everything extremely easy!”

Billy Sheldon is a Poway resident and owner of Sheldon Site Utilities, a construction company in Poway.

Since moving to Poway in 1972, I’ve been involved with the Poway Rodeo for most of my life. I even sold popcorn there as a boy. I’ve been a rodeo sponsor in my own business for 10 years, and before that the company I worked for sponsored the Poway Rodeo as well. I’ve served on the Poway Rodeo Executive Committee for 10 years and as the arena director for six years.

There’s a lot of value in being a rodeo sponsor. The Poway Rodeo is a great benefit to the community and actually brings the community together. It’s not only great exposure for my business, but it’s great for meeting prospective customers, and for employees that you want to reward. I definitely recommend rodeo sponsorship.


Carey Burch is a Poway resident and owner of Lender Support Systems, Inc., in Poway.

By being a Poway Rodeo sponsor my company is making an investment in the local community and creating brand awareness at the same time. Our sponsorship totals about $5000 – and I definitely get my money’s worth. Two years ago we sponsored the scoreboard. This year we’ll be getting our banner and logo on flags and we’re mentioned in all marketing materials, radio and on the Poway Rodeo website. It’s a great event for my family as well as my employees. I absolutely recommend rodeo sponsorship for other businesses. It’s good for the community and for business. Companies should feel good about having their brand visible at the rodeo. There are thousands of people that show up and the brand visibility is great. The Poway Rodeo really shines. They’re called a “Brand Above the Rest” – and they live up to their name. They are a class act!