Hole In the Wall Gang

Back Row left to right: Dave Chessmore, Sonny Barbour, Bob Larsen, David Sommerville, Stan Williams, Russ Dickey, Carl Winston, Bill O'Brien, Don McLellan, Veto Calumbo, Larry Poole, Joe Stupar, Dan Paquette, Bryan Harrington Front Row left to right: Mark Fortie, Andy Papp, Carl Harison, Randy Berks, John Hart, Steve Savine, Louie Ruiz

Live action Old West Skits  performed by “The Hole In The Wall Gang” from Lakeside California.  See the old west come alive. Hear the hoof beats, Taste the dust and smell the gunsmoke as “The Hole In The Wall Gang” reenacts scenes straight out of the old west.

From comedy to actual Old West Historical Reenactments.  “The Hole In The Wall Gang” does it all. The group, a non-profit organization, was formed in the late 1940s, as returning World War Two Vets. started up the cowboy gang, riding in parades on horseback in period 1870’s clothing, tack and saddles. Now-a-days, the Gang of professionals, some forty  something strong also perform in cowboy shows, skits and other old west activities at venue’s, in and about the Southern California area. Many “Hole In The Wall Gang” members have themselves been on movie sets and in front of the camera in western’s, television shows and documentary’s. “The Old West is in our blood” says David Sommerville the President of the Gang.  “When The Hole In The Wall Gang comes riding through town, There won’t be nothing left but nails”.


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