Friends of Rodeo



   Friends of Rodeo is a nonprofit (501c3) support group that disseminates information on rodeo issues which effect the general public's understanding of rodeo - thereby working to preserve, protect and advance rodeo.


Friends of Rodeo (FoR) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization whose mission is to preserve, protect, and advance Rodeo and it's participants to include cowboys, cowgirls, and the animals they perform with.

FoR is dedicated to protect the animals used in Rodeo, and to insure the cooperation of all Rodeo organizations to prevent abuse to these animals.

FoR is dedicated to preserve Rodeo as a major part of our heritage, and a major part of our culture since the West was settled. It should be noted that there are organized movements to put an end to Rodeo. We want to preserve it!

FoR will raise funds to produce educational material for the general public so they can better understand the true value of Rodeo and have a better understanding of the humane treatment animals in Rodeo receive.