Dennis Childers

When it comes to the Poway Rodeo, there is one individual who stands out from the crowd.  That person is Dennis Childers. His responsibilities are not for the timid.  He is responsible for everything the public sees when they enter the Poway Rodeo.  From coordinating the bleacher setup, the tent for the dance, electrical generators, heavy machinery, lighting, the announcers booth, livestock loading, ground maintenance and the video scoreboard, Dennis does it all.  Dennis is a resident of Poway, and is married to Sandy Childers.  Dennis himself comes from a rodeo background as a professional bull rider.  Living that life ensures that preparing a venue for today's cowboys is something Dennis takes very serious.  So if you see Dennis on the grounds, be sure to extend you hand and thank him for all of his hard work.  We know we certainly appreciate him.  

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  1. Dennis is the most amazing man. Between performing all of his other duties, Dennis will always do whatever he can to help you and accomodate your needs. He works tirelessly for at least two weeks to put the rodeo grounds in shape, run it, and then break it all down. He like many other volunteers, use their vacation time from their “day” jobs to work the rodeo — on a completely, 100% volunteer basis. None of our volunteers receive any pay– and many of them end up contributing their own dollars in one way or another. Our proceeds are used for scholarships, childrens charities, childrens health, womens health, Sam’s Posse and many others. Thank you Dennis for all you do!

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