Betsey Baum – Little Princess

Betsey Baum – Poway Rodeo Little Miss


Betsey Baum

Poway Rodeo Little Princess


Betsey Baum is a small-town girl who loves singing in the choir at Christian Elementary. She serves her hometown community by volunteering and raising money for Rady’s Children’s Hospital, SD Foodbank, and Critters for Courage. Betsey’s family is a huge troop of 8 and is dedicated to being each other’s biggest fans!

Betsey loves all things Rodeo, and her happy place is racing around the barrels with her Quarter horse “Soda.” The two cannot wait to start Jr. Rodeo. She is a proud owner of a fiery Appaloosa named “Wild West” and has a passion for horse shows. Betsey is a member of PVRA and Tumbleweed Riding Club. When she is not in the arena, you will find her on the ranch tending to her chickens, goats, turkeys and 2 Mini Horses.  When Betsey grows up, she is determined to reach for the stars just like her trainer Miss Rachel Owens-Sarno and become Miss Rodeo California!