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The Poway Rodeo is comprised of a family of people, volunteers, who are committed to the well-being and betterment of their community and the continuation of this hometown rodeo. It would not be the well-run success that it is today without the vision, dedication and hard work of its loyal volunteers. Their work on various committees is the heart and soul of the Poway Rodeo. The volunteers make up the foundation by which 40 years of success has been built. They dedicate their time, efforts and resources to planning and conducting a premier Rodeo each September and the annual events that are held in support of the main event. Contributing countless hours each year, the volunteers are the driving force that supports the Poway Rodeo and allows us to donate to various charities as well.

What began as a small group of people with a dream has developed into an event supported by the efforts of many volunteers. What may be surprising to many is the diversity of volunteers that dedicate their time to this organization – people both from Poway as well as other parts of the county, people who run multimillion dollar companies, people who are full-time students working on their education, people who are volunteering for the first time, people that have been volunteering for decades. There are no boundaries for these dedicated volunteers.

The efforts of the volunteers are most apparent during the “Show” when they are directing traffic, assisting vendors, providing hospitality, greeting guests, coordinating events and more. But in a year’s time, each volunteer donates countless hours of service to make the Poway Rodeo a success. This includes year-round efforts such as raising sponsorship money, planning and organizing events, setting up facilities and much more.

The Poway Rodeo needs your time and talent to make it a success. We hope you can volunteer and help make this important event happen in Poway!

Are you interested in learning more about rodeo? Not yet ready to compete? Have a kind heart and just want to lend a hand? Then sign up to be a rodeo committee volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to learn about rodeo, and give back to your community. Volunteers are needed in every capacity, from setup of the grounds to many other exciting jobs during the rodeo, some bringing you close to the excitement of the competition.

Join the Poway Rodeo Committee……

Our meetings are held at the Hamburger  Factory in Poway on the 4th Monday of every month @ 6:00 pm and weekly the month of September.

Please start by completing and signing our Volunteer Application, Code of Ethics, and Release of Indemnity Agreement.  You can mail, email or bring the signed forms to one of the meetings.

A partial list of some of our volunteer descriptions is below. Should you have any questions about joining  please  contact our volunteer coordinator to join using our contact form at the bottom of the page ……………

Sponsorship Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair, will seek sponsorship support  to be used  for the successful operation of  the rodeo and  help for our  charities.

Hospitality the contestants exert a lot of energy competing and our officials work very hard to execute a flowing event. Because of this we provide certain complimentary items such as beverages and snacks to the contestants . Volunteers  in conjunction with the committee chair  will play host or hostess and help keep the Contestants and Officials happy and the area stocked throughout the weekend.

Parade Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair are design and build  the float, securing equipment and any other related needs.

Premium Seating Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair provide  customer service to premium ticket purchasers, including those in Buckle seating and the sponsor tower.

Rodeo Merchandise Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair promote and raise awareness of the Poway Rodeo  through the sale and distribution of merchandise bearing the rodeo’s logo. Volunteers  contribute  product ideas for merchandise and design. Volunteers staff the merchandise booth during the event’s entire run.

Trail Ride Committee members coordinate with trail ride bosses concerning rules and regulations for the proposed event.  Many volunteers are needed for registration, donations, tickets sales, etc.

Rodeo Ticket Sales Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair sell  all types of tickets, with a primary concentration on large groups and season box  tickets.

Rodeo Operations Volunteers work closely with the Grounds Department in the setup, operation and teardown of Poway Rodeo/PVRA grounds

Parking Volunteers in conjunction with the committee chair  help with parking ……Parking is ample, but we need help collecting parking fees and managing the parking flow.

Volunteer Code of Conduct & Event Etiquette…

As a Volunteer you represent the Poway Rodeo. With this, we ask that you act in a first class manner that supports the first class rodeo we are striving to present. A Code of Conduct is in place and all volunteers will be asked to abide by our guidelines. We take great pride in welcoming attendees from all walks of life to enjoy our events. The guidelines have been established to enforce these expectations at Poway Rodeo events, and to clearly define what is expected of our volunteers.

Please contact our secretary to coordinate joining the committee……….

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