Sponsor Testimonials



Billy Sheldon is a Poway resident and owner of Sheldon Site Utilities, a construction

company in Poway.

Since moving to Poway in 1972, I’ve been involved with the Poway Rodeo for most of my life. I

even sold popcorn there as a boy. I’ve been a rodeo sponsor in my own business for 10 years,

and before that the company I worked for sponsored the Poway Rodeo as well. I’ve served on

the Poway Rodeo Executive Committee for 10 years and as the arena director for six years.

There’s a lot of value in being a rodeo sponsor. The Poway Rodeo is a great benefit to the

community and actually brings the community together. It’s not only great exposure for my

business, but it’s great for meeting prospective customers, and for employees that you want to

reward. I definitely recommend rodeo sponsorship.



Carey Burch is a Poway resident and owner of Lender Support Systems, Inc., in Poway.

By being a Poway Rodeo sponsor my company is making an investment in the local community

and creating brand awareness at the same time. Our sponsorship totals about $5000 – and I

definitely get my money’s worth. Two years ago we sponsored the scoreboard. This year we’ll

be getting our banner and logo on flags and we’re mentioned in all marketing materials, radio

and on the Poway Rodeo website. It’s a great event for my family as well as my employees.

I absolutely recommend rodeo sponsorship for other businesses. It’s good for the community

and for business. Companies should feel good about having their brand visible at the rodeo.

There are thousands of people that show up and the brand visibility is great. The Poway Rodeo

really shines. They’re called a “Brand Above the Rest” – and they live up to their name. They

are a class act!